Sipo Mahogany

Utile can be troublesome to work in some machining operations, (i.e., planning, routing, etc.), resulting in tear out due to its interlocked grain. Sipo Mahogany (Utile) is known for the classic red colour and is considered the best among the African Redwoods. Due to the timeless character, Sipo Mahogany is used for many applications since the beginning of the 20th century.

Growing Area
Tropical Africa

Main uses
Suitable for a wide range of applications. For example: yacht and boatbuilding industry, joinery, stairs and carpentry.

Wood Type Hardwood Texture Grain is interlocked, with a medium uniform texture. Moderate natural luster.
Durability Moderately durable to durable Availability Not frequently available
Treatability Extremely difficult Price Moderate for an imported hardwood
Odor Utile has a mild, cedar-like scent while being worked Use(s) Furniture, cabinetry, veneer, boatbuilding, flooring, and turned objects.
Density (mean, Kg/m³) 635 (Density can vary by 20% or more) Colour(s) Heartwood is a uniform medium reddish brown.